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Benefits Of Our Services

Tapestry’s service provision benefits the people we care for, their carers and the wider community in many different ways. We recognise that our customers needs are often complex and varied and that there are often unknown or unforeseen risks that also require help and support that.


We support our customers and their carers by raising awareness of their needs in the community at events and by providing training in areas such as; dementia awareness for local businesses and the local community.


We provide and develop unique services and experiences within the borough for adults in the community. We utilise technology to achieve this, and are leading the way by providing sensory rooms and reminiscence spaces that provide interactive, audiovisual experiences for individuals living with dementia

We recognise that our clients needs are often complex and varied and there are often unknown and unforeseen risks that require help and support. To respond to this we offer additional support in areas such as falls prevention, safeguarding, particularly financial safeguarding, and specialist advice for individuals living with dementia.

We also ensure that our clients are a listened to voice by responding to local and national government initiatives and contributing to proposals/plans for Adult Social Care through our dialogue with local MP’s and relevant government ministers.


Our services make sure that our carers are at the centre of decision-making and ensure that they are able to access support services provided by Tapestry, signpost them to other services provided within the borough and offer companionship and respite opportunities.
“There must be many families who owe you thanks and we are one of them. Your care and concern made our lives much better, more importantly it made the life of my aunt more secure and comfortable.”
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Tapestry Launch series of events to celebrate 75 years of service to Havering

At Tapestry we have been helping older people in the local area since 1949. We believe that every adult deserves the opportunity to live healthy, connected lives regardless of age or ability.

“My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision on the ever changing view”
Carole King
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